The Group

This group is a space for the people of the local area, to come together and take action to reduce carbon emissions and take care of the land around us.

It was kick started by South Glos council passing a climate emergency motion on the 17th July.

It is also inspired by a conference our chair attended called Zero Carbon Britain at the wonderful Centre For Alternative Technology.

We are a small group always looking for more people to get involved, share ideas or simply learn so please get in touch at

Please use the tabs above to look at our current tips, and maybe even come along to a meeting to find out more.

For the most up to date information and group discussions please join our Facebook group. To help us expand past this medium please get involved.

We hope you find our website useful.

Our chair on local radio:

Do you have some spare time to keep this website up to date? You don’t need any special skills just some confidence with computers and the rest can be learnt. The website builder is very simple and we welcome all the help we can get as we attempt to expand the group.

Keep me updated:

I would like to register my interest about:

    Attending a meeting
    Volunteering from home
    Volunteering at community events
    Helping to organise community events
    Helping to spread the word
    Helping with the website, gathering information or writing posts

    Dr Seuss – The Lorax.