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    Group Closure

    This community group no longer exists and has closed due to lack of volunteers. Please look up ‘Bradley Stoke Zero Carbon Community Group’ on Facebook to join our Facebook Group which is still active.

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    Grow Your Own : Plant Sale Trail

    What do you think about an idea of a veggie and herb plant swap/sale in spring? It is the time when gardeners would be planning their seeds for this year’s season. From experience we most likely end up with too many plants and saplings by the time it is time to plant them out in the beds. It will be nice to exchange plants as part of a plant swap or plant sale trail in spring. This will help keen gardeners add variety to their batch but the main aim is to nudge more people towards growing their own veggies. Having readily available plants will help new and in-experienced gardeners…

  • Christmas

    Idea 45 – Can I avoid black Friday offers?

    This time last year I posted lots of ideas to help reduce waste at Christmas. Scary facts about the number of presents which are still in use 6 months after Christmas day. Yep it is under 10% of gifts are still being used 6 months later. Sadly, most gifts do not keep on giving. Last year’s ideas have all been beautifully organised by our Chairperson on the group’s website here Christmas – Bradley Stoke Zero Carbon Community (bszerocarbon.co.uk). This year my mum is also becoming au-fait with second hand buying and is doing a grand job of sourcing a wooden dolls house, train track and toy kitchen as gifts without…

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    Idea 44 – Yoghurt Pots

    I stopped buying little yoghurt pots about two year ago. Having a small child who loved yoghurt meant we got through a lot. Even though I tried to reuse as many as I could most ended up being single use and filled up my plastic recycling bin. Instead I swapped to buying 1 large pot of yoghurt and decanting into smaller reusable tubs and pots when he needed one. Little baby pots are a perfect size for lunch boxes and when at home we just used a bowl. See the different in price in the picture. This is an eco-idea that is actually cheaper for once! Winning! My next step…

  • Nature

    Idea 43 – Take us with you David, We need to see why we have to change and why we can’t wait.

    This week I was confronted with three news stories on how the the planet’s climate is changing and the rapid decline of all the world’s delicate eco systems. In just one 15 minute news programme I was confronted with the WWF’s report on wildlife decline, the worst wildfires in California on record and zombie fires in the Arctic. The WWF’s report on the dramatic and rapid decline of wildlife in every single part of the world is scary. The decline is happening much quicker than previous predictions had anticipated. As I watch my child start school he is full of wonder, excitement and promise. Promise of a future world of…

  • Family Life,  Household waste

    Idea 42 – Recycling old devices

    Has anyone upgraded their laptop, tablet or mobile over the last 6 months? Not sure what to do with your old devices? Those old devices could really help a family trying to keep up with online learning and homework. Hopefully by donating and extending the usable life of pieces of tech we all stop them heading to landfill. Have a look at this website which has links to different organizations that are trying to provide devices to schools to close the digital divide.

  • Family Life,  Household waste

    Idea 41 – Re-usable Nappies

    With July being a month to reduce plastic waste I have been thinking about what I have tried over the last few years to reduce our household plastic. One of the biggest changes is moving to cloths nappies part time. Re-usable nappies Did you know that Bristol now has a cloth nappy shop and a cloth nappy library? The nappy library runs workshops to explain how to use, fit, wash and look after the nappies. You can also hire a new born kit so you can try out cloth nappies. Luckily cloths nappies are much easier to look after than they used to be. There is a scary facts that…

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    Idea 40 – 30 days Wild 🌸🦔🐝🤓🌱🐜🦗🎋🌿

    Now this idea is going to keep us busy for a month! Have a go at The Wildlife Trust 30 days wild to increase your connection to nature and improve bio diversity.The link below was shared on the Bradley Stoke Families group earlier this week and is right up my street. Not only keeping my own children busy but also giving me more ideas on how to keep engaging the children I work with online and once back in/out of the classroom. Outdoor learning here we come! On the WildLife Trusts Facebook group someone shared a framed picture of the activity sheet they completed last year. In the same frame,…

  • Household waste

    Idea 39 – Recycling plastic packaging- use your loaf

    Keeping the recycling going can be tough in this period. Everything feels a little bit harder in our house. It is taking that little bit more internal conversation to stop myself just putting things in the bin. But we must keep going. Did you know you can recycle stretchy plastic bags along with carrier bags. So empty plastic bread bags, vegetable bags and nappy bags, basically any plastic that has a bit of give and stretch, can all be recycled. There is a collection bin at most large supermarket. The closest one for us is at the entrance to Willowbrook Centre. Here is a handy website to check recycling points.

  • Heat and energy

    Idea 38 – Switch it off!

    Anyone else get a little obsessed with turning things off at the plug socket? This is a regular moan in my house as I walk around switching off lights and plugs. The habit definitely comes from my dad doing exactly the same when I was growing up. He usually added in a, “Were you born in a barn?” comment for good measure. So I find myself walking around doing the same and becoming slightly obsessed. I have taken to pulling out plugs if they are left on at the wall with nothing charging. Often I find those plugs feel slightly hot to the touch. I worry about the fire risk…