Allotments in BS

The Sustainable Thornbury group advised us about a piece of legislation that said that if 5 people within the local area write to them requesting an allotment they must make this possible. Unfortunately we have not had much time to pursue this any further as yet but was provided with the following information as a solution which I hope some of you will find useful.

“There are no allotments within the town of Bradley Stoke, Nonetheless, the Town Council supports their residents having an allotment (with a recognised allotment plot in any surrounding area within a 5 mile radius of Bradley Stoke) by part funding the charges up to a maximum of £40 per annum for 1 standard allotment plot, and £20 for half standard allotment plot.

As a reference, here is a list of some available plots within that distance:-

  • Filton (Nutfield Grove + Station Road): full plot £45, half plot £25.
  • Frampton Cotterell (Jubilee + Mill Lane): full plot £28 and £32 respectively.-
  • Patchway (Pretoria Road + Blakeney Road): half plot £45.
  • Winterbourne (Glebe): full plot £40.”

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