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    Group Closure

    This community group no longer exists and has closed due to lack of volunteers. Please look up ‘Bradley Stoke Zero Carbon Community Group’ on Facebook to join our Facebook Group which is still active.

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    Grow Your Own : Plant Sale Trail

    What do you think about an idea of a veggie and herb plant swap/sale in spring? It is the time when gardeners would be planning their seeds for this year’s season. From experience we most likely end up with too many plants and saplings by the time it is time to plant them out in the beds. It will be nice to exchange plants as part of a plant swap or plant sale trail in spring. This will help keen gardeners add variety to their batch but the main aim is to nudge more people towards growing their own veggies. Having readily available plants will help new and in-experienced gardeners…

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    Idea 44 – Yoghurt Pots

    I stopped buying little yoghurt pots about two year ago. Having a small child who loved yoghurt meant we got through a lot. Even though I tried to reuse as many as I could most ended up being single use and filled up my plastic recycling bin. Instead I swapped to buying 1 large pot of yoghurt and decanting into smaller reusable tubs and pots when he needed one. Little baby pots are a perfect size for lunch boxes and when at home we just used a bowl. See the different in price in the picture. This is an eco-idea that is actually cheaper for once! Winning! My next step…

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    Idea 32 – Stay home and rediscover your garden 🌱🌷🌳

    If you had told me when I was writing Idea 4 that I would have car journeys down to under 1 most weeks I would have been quite pleased that my new bike idea was working. I wondered this week how many of the ideas I have accidentally done during this period of isolation. Having less food waste and make do and mend have definitely been put into action. Take a look below and see how many you have tried.We have also been trying a bit of seed growing with the little ones and can now say we have carrots and radishes sprouting. Thanks to Marks and Spencer for providing…

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    Idea 23 – Eco-anxiety to eco-action

    The term eco-anxiety seems to be seeping into my consciousness. Wide media cover on the year 2020 being a make or break year for the slowing down of climate change has most probably fuelled this a little more this week. On reflection I have most probably been feeling some form of climate change anxiety for a while. It was most probably a driver for becoming a part of this group. Have a look at this info graphic from Mark. I feel it helps to explain how to feel less anxious and more empowered in a world where so many of the biggest players are not doing enough. I was speaking…