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    Idea 42 – Recycling old devices

    Has anyone upgraded their laptop, tablet or mobile over the last 6 months? Not sure what to do with your old devices? Those old devices could really help a family trying to keep up with online learning and homework. Hopefully by donating and extending the usable life of pieces of tech we all stop them heading to landfill. Have a look at this website which has links to different organizations that are trying to provide devices to schools to close the digital divide.

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    Idea 41 – Re-usable Nappies

    With July being a month to reduce plastic waste I have been thinking about what I have tried over the last few years to reduce our household plastic. One of the biggest changes is moving to cloths nappies part time. Re-usable nappies Did you know that Bristol now has a cloth nappy shop and a cloth nappy library? The nappy library runs workshops to explain how to use, fit, wash and look after the nappies. You can also hire a new born kit so you can try out cloth nappies. Luckily cloths nappies are much easier to look after than they used to be. There is a scary facts that…

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    Idea 39 – Recycling plastic packaging- use your loaf

    Keeping the recycling going can be tough in this period. Everything feels a little bit harder in our house. It is taking that little bit more internal conversation to stop myself just putting things in the bin. But we must keep going. Did you know you can recycle stretchy plastic bags along with carrier bags. So empty plastic bread bags, vegetable bags and nappy bags, basically any plastic that has a bit of give and stretch, can all be recycled. There is a collection bin at most large supermarket. The closest one for us is at the entrance to Willowbrook Centre. Here is a handy website to check recycling points.

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    Idea 34 – Looking our for our local area

    Walks Over the last 4 weeks our local environment has become our playground. How lucky we are to live in an area that despite being well populated; still has lots of green areas. On Saturday evening we took great pleasure in spotting two male ducks enjoying a good feed on the small pond along the Common East. The evening bird song along that stretch was fantastic. I bet many Bradley Stoke folk have never explored their local area so much. We certainly are exploring lots of new roads, paths and cut through on our hour trips around the town. Fly Tipping Unfortunately fly tipping has increased significantly across the country…

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    Idea 32 – Stay home and rediscover your garden 🌱🌷🌳

    If you had told me when I was writing Idea 4 that I would have car journeys down to under 1 most weeks I would have been quite pleased that my new bike idea was working. I wondered this week how many of the ideas I have accidentally done during this period of isolation. Having less food waste and make do and mend have definitely been put into action. Take a look below and see how many you have tried.We have also been trying a bit of seed growing with the little ones and can now say we have carrots and radishes sprouting. Thanks to Marks and Spencer for providing…

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    Idea 22 – Check it, fix it, don’t throw it

    The idea for today changed 10 minutes ago after this happened. Back in the Autumn we were attempting to clear our garden of leaves. 🌳🍂🍁 I had made two little piles of dry leaves for the resident hedgehog. The leaf blower wouldn’t work so the rake was called into action (most probably better for the environment anyway 😉). It was only a year old so it really shouldn’t have reached the end of its life. After much debating between my husband and father-in-law (who both openly admit to not being very practical) a fuse was changed but there was still no power. So the leaf blower has been left for…

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    Idea 21 – Swop shops

    So how many things did you received for Christmas in 2018 which are still languishing unused somewhere in your house? What about this year? Is it time for those items to leave your house and be loved and used by someone else. 🎁🏘💚 This week I know of three events aiming to reduce waste and make the most out of the items you do have.Firstly, TODAY at Little Stoke Community Cafe there is a present swap event. Did you get two of the same gift or did you receive a gift which wasn’t quite right and you know you won’t use. Instead of letting it sit in a cupboard for…

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    Idea 20 – One promise to yourself and the planet. 😀🌍💚

    A new decade is about to begin. At the start of the last decade I started a new job and moved to Bradley Stoke. At the start of the decade before that I waited on tables and then stayed up dancing to welcome in a new century. What were you doing a decade or two ago? Climate change wasn’t something I thought much about beyond our Year 9 Geography project on the Amazon. How things have changed in 20 years? But is change fast enough. The climate change is certainly moving fast. Unfortunately Australia is feeling the heat for sure. Hopefully world leaders will listen to the scientists, growing public…