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    Idea 42 – Recycling old devices

    Has anyone upgraded their laptop, tablet or mobile over the last 6 months? Not sure what to do with your old devices? Those old devices could really help a family trying to keep up with online learning and homework. Hopefully by donating and extending the usable life of pieces of tech we all stop them heading to landfill. Have a look at this website which has links to different organizations that are trying to provide devices to schools to close the digital divide.

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    Idea 41 – Re-usable Nappies

    With July being a month to reduce plastic waste I have been thinking about what I have tried over the last few years to reduce our household plastic. One of the biggest changes is moving to cloths nappies part time. Re-usable nappies Did you know that Bristol now has a cloth nappy shop and a cloth nappy library? The nappy library runs workshops to explain how to use, fit, wash and look after the nappies. You can also hire a new born kit so you can try out cloth nappies. Luckily cloths nappies are much easier to look after than they used to be. There is a scary facts that…

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    Idea 40 – 30 days Wild 🌸🦔🐝🤓🌱🐜🦗🎋🌿

    Now this idea is going to keep us busy for a month! Have a go at The Wildlife Trust 30 days wild to increase your connection to nature and improve bio diversity.The link below was shared on the Bradley Stoke Families group earlier this week and is right up my street. Not only keeping my own children busy but also giving me more ideas on how to keep engaging the children I work with online and once back in/out of the classroom. Outdoor learning here we come! On the WildLife Trusts Facebook group someone shared a framed picture of the activity sheet they completed last year. In the same frame,…

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    Idea 37 – Let’s get into a really good ebook.

    One thing I have missed in lockdown is going to the library. Not so much for myself (as I have less time than ever to read with kids and working from home) but to take out children’s books. I love taking my children to the library and they love looking at books. We are lucky to have lots at home but you can never have too many. For those that love a good book rather than ordering one to be delivered on four wheels why not try South Gloucester library Service online. They are offering digital services completely free. This link is for anyone that fancies giving it a go…

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    Idea 35 – What changes will we keep long term?

    During last Sunday’s virtual meeting we talked about adaptions that we have made to our lives due to the pandemic. We pondered the impact that such adaptions would have on the planet and may unintentionally prove beneficial to the environment. We certainly are all walking more, up cycling instead of visiting the sort it centers, taking less trips in the car and making our food go further to reduce trips to the supermarket. What have you changed that could have a positive impact to slow climate change? Over the last few weeks, like many people, I have held a number of work, socials and design meetings virtually. From staff meetings,…

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    Idea 32 – Stay home and rediscover your garden 🌱🌷🌳

    If you had told me when I was writing Idea 4 that I would have car journeys down to under 1 most weeks I would have been quite pleased that my new bike idea was working. I wondered this week how many of the ideas I have accidentally done during this period of isolation. Having less food waste and make do and mend have definitely been put into action. Take a look below and see how many you have tried.We have also been trying a bit of seed growing with the little ones and can now say we have carrots and radishes sprouting. Thanks to Marks and Spencer for providing…

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    Idea 29 – So in a world without toilet roll what is the future?

    A reusable wipe maybe! Keeping it clean and light in a world of uncertainty. Increasingly people are swapping to using reusable wipes instead of wet wipes for baby care. Two positives are, in the long run, they are cheaper and environmental so much kinder to the planet if used and washed correctly. Basically the flannel is back in fashion or should I say ‘slow, eco-friendly fashion’. If you are a child of the 80s, 70s, 60s, 50s or 40s you will most probably have had a flannel. Said flannel was generally used to cover ones eyes to prevent a traumatic shampoo in your eyes hair wash experience. But flannels, like…

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    Idea 26 – When a tumble dryer looks so tempting.

    On our third very windy weekend I’m thinking about drying laundry. Unfortunately it is not one of those sunny, windy days in which line drying is a breeze (excuse the pun). Nope if I tried to use my washing line today I fear that our clothes would be spread across the 6 neighbouring gardens. My washing pile is never ending, when washing is done it’s a job to get things dry and my house regularly looks like a pantomime dame wishy-washy laundry stage scene. This is the point my tumble dryer looks very temping. Over the winter months I have been trying to limit my use of a tumble dryer…

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    Idea 24 – Extra weight

    I feel I should be talking wind power this morning (I hope everyone has battened down the hatches and fences have survived the high winds so far). Here are some wind facts for interest: The UK is the world leader in offshore wind, with more installed capacity than any other country. Already, offshore wind powers the equivalent of 4.5 million homes annually and will generate over 10% of UK electricity by 2020. The cost of new offshore wind has fallen by 50% since 2015 and it is now one of the lowest cost options for new power in the UK – cheaper than new gas and nuclear power. Instead I’m…