Grow Your Own : Plant Sale Trail

What do you think about an idea of a veggie and herb plant swap/sale in spring?

It is the time when gardeners would be planning their seeds for this year’s season. From experience we most likely end up with too many plants and saplings by the time it is time to plant them out in the beds. It will be nice to exchange plants as part of a plant swap or plant sale trail in spring. This will help keen gardeners add variety to their batch but the main aim is to nudge more people towards growing their own veggies. Having readily available plants will help new and in-experienced gardeners the hassle of growing the veggies all the way from the seeds. We are still working out the possibility of a sale trail based on this idea. If you would be interested in either growing the plants or buying the plants please share in the comments on this post on our Facebook page.

Of course, we will only go ahead with the plans if the local lockdown guidelines allow us to do so.