Idea 45 – Can I avoid black Friday offers?

This time last year I posted lots of ideas to help reduce waste at Christmas.

Scary facts about the number of presents which are still in use 6 months after Christmas day.

Yep it is under 10% of gifts are still being used 6 months later. Sadly, most gifts do not keep on giving.

Last year’s ideas have all been beautifully organised by our Chairperson on the group’s website here Christmas – Bradley Stoke Zero Carbon Community (

This year my mum is also becoming au-fait with second hand buying and is doing a grand job of sourcing a wooden dolls house, train track and toy kitchen as gifts without going near a shop. All are in beautiful condition and will have happy grandchildren playing with them.

Personally I am all about the experience. Having planned events that expand our cultural capital and time with family and friends so that Christmas really does keeps on giving throughout the year. I don’t need much excuse to get out of the house…especially after the lockdowns and isolations of 2020.

This year we all need a little bit of the ‘Christmas feeling’ due to a year that has been like no other and resembled more of an end of world film.

Here are some ideas and links to help the little guys whose doors aren’t currently open.Here are some of my favourite alternatives to the big boys of the internet world. Also consider the local schools and charities who may not be able to run their usual pre-Christmas fund raisers as lots are doing online alternatives.

Christmas Market | The Brightwell

Bradley Stoke Families (and Surrounding Areas) | Facebook – Visit announcement on the local families group to view lots of local independent sellers.

Christmas Boutique by The Friends of Wheatfield Primary School PTA |

FacebookMama’s Merry Market |

FacebookBSpoke16 |


There is no need to panic buy Christmas.

Christmas 2020 is likely to be a Christmas like no other we have known. Let’s make it a little more ‘green’ and special.