Idea 43 – Take us with you David, We need to see why we have to change and why we can’t wait.

This week I was confronted with three news stories on how the the planet’s climate is changing and the rapid decline of all the world’s delicate eco systems. In just one 15 minute news programme I was confronted with the WWF’s report on wildlife decline, the worst wildfires in California on record and zombie fires in the Arctic. The WWF’s report on the dramatic and rapid decline of wildlife in every single part of the world is scary. The decline is happening much quicker than previous predictions had anticipated.

As I watch my child start school he is full of wonder, excitement and promise. Promise of a future world of education opening before him. But I can’t help but wonder what planet will his generation inherit. At this rate I can only see the future of our planet as a very poor one. 😢I’m a eternal optimist so I find this vision hard to swallow.

I have to do more.

I can’t wait for others.

I can’t leave it to politicians to force me.

I can’t change environmental policy of governments around the world.

I can’t wait for the innovative eco-technology to be invented to slow the relentless impact of climate change.

I also can’t just ignore it as something for the long distance future.And I can’t do nothing.

The climate is changing now and every single one of us has an impact on how fast we act to slow that change through small actions.

I saw a similar quote on plastic free lunches this week and have adapted it slightly.

A few people living a perfectly carbon neutral life will not save the planet.

But a few million people imperfectly working towards change can make an enormous different.So this weekend I am going to ask you to do two things.

One – Watch David Attenborough’s Extinction on Sunday evening at 8pm. Watch it without a second or third device in hand. Actually focus solely on the programme for an hour.

I imagine it will be hard watching and i can already feel the lump in my throat as the facts and figures of wildlife decline is explained in layman’s terms. But we can’t ignore it just because it’s difficult.

Two – Get someone else to watch it. Mention it to a friend or family member and encourage them to watch. Maybe someone who doesn’t fully understand how imminent the threat of climate change and wildlife lose is. Someone who does the recycling but who is not ready to try that next step as it’s a little uncomfortable and requires a bit more of them.

I have one of these people in my life. He agrees that climate change is happening and it’s a worry but still chews the lead of his earphone so buys a new set every fortnight. The one that watches appalled as the Amazon burns but yet thinks the charity shop won’t want his old things. The one who throws away edible food as it looks a little past it.

If Attenborough doesn’t stir you (or them) into actions and encourage you to make changes now for even the slightest chance that we could improve things I certainly can’t.

If you are new to the group please help share ideas on things happening in the local area to reduce human impact on the environment. From recycling to wildlife. Transport to heating bills. Food waste to education.

It doesn’t matter if it’s gets posted more than once as it might remind someone else that an item can be recycled and stop something entering landfill. Someone might set up a hedgehog house or walk to work. Small actions acrosss large numbers of people every day can make a difference.

Take someone with you. You might not know who they will take with them and the chain of differences you could make. 💚🌍🌈

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