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Idea 41 – Re-usable Nappies

With July being a month to reduce plastic waste I have been thinking about what I have tried over the last few years to reduce our household plastic. One of the biggest changes is moving to cloths nappies part time.

Re-usable nappies

Did you know that Bristol now has a cloth nappy shop and a cloth nappy library?

The nappy library runs workshops to explain how to use, fit, wash and look after the nappies. You can also hire a new born kit so you can try out cloth nappies. Luckily cloths nappies are much easier to look after than they used to be.

There is a scary facts that if each South Glos nappy wearing baby and child used one less nappy a week it would mean tonnes less waste going to landfill. The waste companies and councils also saves thousands as they deal with disposing of them. Disposables nappies represent 1/5 of all waste in landfill the biggest single type of waste we produce. It’s a big headache. So reducing the number of disposable nappies used can make a difference.There is a growing move for parents to use less disposable nappies. My aim is to use at least 1 less disposable nappy a day. Some days we manage cloths nappies all day. Some days we don’t but we try.

South Glos council also sell a starter kit of clothes nappies which you can buy at cost price.

Lots of nurseries and childminders are also giving them a go with some setting using only re-usable nappies.

Here is some links for any one interested or wanting to give it a go.

The nappy shop

The cloth nappy library

South Glos – Reusable Nappy Scheme

How will you using July to reduce your plastic waste?

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