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Idea 40 – 30 days Wild 🌸🦔🐝🤓🌱🐜🦗🎋🌿

Now this idea is going to keep us busy for a month! Have a go at The Wildlife Trust 30 days wild to increase your connection to nature and improve bio diversity.The link below was shared on the Bradley Stoke Families group earlier this week and is right up my street. Not only keeping my own children busy but also giving me more ideas on how to keep engaging the children I work with online and once back in/out of the classroom. Outdoor learning here we come!

On the WildLife Trusts Facebook group someone shared a framed picture of the activity sheet they completed last year. In the same frame, behind the picture, was all the previous 30 Days Wild activities sheets they had completed. Creating a wonderful keep sake but also providing ideas for the future when a trip out needed a little inspirations.

Why is connecting to nature and thinking about the biodiversity of our planet so important? Biodiversity is shrinking rapidly. One million out of eight million species globally are threatened with extinction. This was published by the EU Parliament News Website on just how precarious the planetโ€™s biodiversity is.

What is biodiversity?

Biodiversity is traditionally defined as the variety of life on Earth in all its forms. It comprises the number of species, their genetic variation and the interaction of these lifeforms within complex ecosystems.

In a UN report published in 2019, scientists warned that one million species – out of an estimated total of eight million – are threatened with extinction, many within decades. Some researchers even consider we are in the middle of the sixth mass extinction event in Earthโ€™s history. Earlier known mass extinctions wiped out between 60% and 95% of all species. It takes millions of years for ecosystems to recover from such an event.


Anything we can do on a local level can slow this loss and help to strengthen our native plants and wildlife. See Idea 2 on the website if you want a reminder as to why this is more important than ever.

Have a wild June and I will be back in July with more ideas. Keep sharing on the Facebook page what you are doing to reduce your carbon footprint.