Heat and energy

Idea 38 – Switch it off!

Anyone else get a little obsessed with turning things off at the plug socket?

This is a regular moan in my house as I walk around switching off lights and plugs. The habit definitely comes from my dad doing exactly the same when I was growing up. He usually added in a, “Were you born in a barn?” comment for good measure. So I find myself walking around doing the same and becoming slightly obsessed.

I have taken to pulling out plugs if they are left on at the wall with nothing charging. Often I find those plugs feel slightly hot to the touch. I worry about the fire risk of chargers being left in wall sockets and justify my actions with that reason and not wanting to waste electricity. The world resources are precious and won’t last for ever so not wasting things has to be part of everyone’s psyche.

Anyone else? I bet I’m not the only one.

Next week maybe I’ll do militant recycling!