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Idea 35 – What changes will we keep long term?

During last Sunday’s virtual meeting we talked about adaptions that we have made to our lives due to the pandemic. We pondered the impact that such adaptions would have on the planet and may unintentionally prove beneficial to the environment. We certainly are all walking more, up cycling instead of visiting the sort it centers, taking less trips in the car and making our food go further to reduce trips to the supermarket.

What have you changed that could have a positive impact to slow climate change? Over the last few weeks, like many people, I have held a number of work, socials and design meetings virtually. From staff meetings, to toddler parent sanity meetings and even yesterday morning we did a kitchen design meeting from our current kitchen.

I wonder in the longer term what changes will stick. How much will our lives change and a new normal will emerge? The next questions is of those changes which will you stick with going forward?

Stay home, save lives, protect the NHS (and the planet).