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Idea 34 – Looking our for our local area

Walks 👣

Over the last 4 weeks our local environment has become our playground. How lucky 🍀 we are to live in an area that despite being well populated; still has lots of green areas. On Saturday evening we took great pleasure in spotting two male ducks 🦆 enjoying a good feed on the small pond along the Common East. The evening bird 🐦 song along that stretch was fantastic. I bet many Bradley Stoke folk have never explored their local area so much. We certainly are exploring lots of new roads, paths and cut through on our hour trips around the town.

Fly Tipping 🚚🗑

Unfortunately fly tipping has increased significantly across the country and South Gloucestershire during lockdown. With many sort it centres closed and garden waste suspended people are turning to other services to help remove waste. Keep your eyes peeled folks for people attempting to fly tip. Councils spend thousands removing waste from public areas and there are many, many more things this money could be spent on.

With green bin collection looking set to restart soon hopefully the sort it centers can also reopen. Once the sort it centers can manage social distancing arrangements, hopefully fly tipping will not become a major issue in our area. For now if you have waste that really can not be renewed, reused, recycled or repurposed and you decide to use a waste company; ask where the waste is going and ask to see copies of their insurance. There are lots of legitimate companies who are managing waste correctly and ensuring that it isn’t all destined for landfill or to create eye soars or be a danger to our wildlife.

Taking care of our local area to keep it safe for us and the wildlife. 🦆🐿🦔🐦🦆