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Idea 32 – Stay home and rediscover your garden 🌱🌷🌳

If you had told me when I was writing Idea 4 that I would have car journeys down to under 1 most weeks I would have been quite pleased that my new bike idea was working.

I wondered this week how many of the ideas I have accidentally done during this period of isolation. Having less food waste and make do and mend have definitely been put into action.

Take a look below and see how many you have tried.We have also been trying a bit of seed growing with the little ones and can now say we have carrots and radishes sprouting. Thanks to Marks and Spencer for providing the little pots. Little did I know we would be making such good use of them. I’ve also joined the Bradley Stoke Virtual Gardening group for ideas. Garden centre are offering non-contact delivery services and most supermarket now sell seeds and soil if you need supplies if you do fancy getting green fingers.

One final link for those who like a story. Try this one on Monday evening.

Idea 1 – Take 5 – Plastic rubbish collection 🗑

Idea 2 – Help starts with small things. Seeds, bees and birds. 🐦🐝

Idea 3 – Second Hand September jeans 👖👔

Idea 4 – Just one less drive 🚙🚲

Idea 5 – Shoes the day 👟👠🥾

Idea 6 – A ripple effect 🌍

Idea 7 – Make do and mend 🧵

Idea 8 – A little less single us plastic 🍶🥛

Idea 9 – Green Energy Supplier 💨☀️🌊

Idea 10 – The pen(cil) is mightier than the sword. Buy pencils instead of pens 🖊✏️

Idea 11 – Food waste 🍌🍲🥪

Idea 12 – Planet Friendly Christmas 🌍🎄

Idea 13 – A reverse advent calendar calendar 📆🎄

Idea 14 -Buy or make a little more local this Christmas🎁🎄

Idea 15 – Does it have to be brand new?🎁💷

Idea 16 – Christmas Card Alternative 📝

Idea 17 – It’s a wrap 🎁

Idea 18 – Lighting the way💡

Idea 19 -Wishing Everyone A Cracking Christmas🎄

Idea 20 – One promise to yourself and the planet. 😀🌍💚

Idea 21 – Swap shops

Idea 22 – Check it, fix it, don’t throw it

Idea 23 – Eco-anxiety to eco-action

Idea 24 – reusable cups

Idea 24 – Extra weight 🚙💼

Idea 25 – If everyone does something

Idea 26 – When a tumble dryer looks so tempting 👚👕👖

Idea 27 – Greta comes to Bristol – College Green Grass fund 🗣

Idea 28 – Earth hour – Turn off those lights for 1 hour 🌏💡

Idea 29 – Reusable toilet roll

Idea 30 – Our health, hope and kindness 🧼🌈

Idea 31 – Earth hour 🔦