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Idea 31 – Earth hour

Tonight between 8:30pm and 9:30pm we were going to be celebrating Earth Hour on Jubilee fields. Instead we will be staying in our houses and saving lives in doing so. Earth hour normally sees people across the world turning off their lights and either spending an hour in candle light or heading outside to enjoying the night. Spending an hour focusing on the wonder of nature and it’s amazing beauty.

So tonight between 8:30-9:30 maybe hold your own garden Earth Hour. Turn off all the lights inside the house and head outside.

💫 Do a spot of star gazing. We saw the international space station going .over last night.

🧺 Maybe do a picnic under the stars.

👂 Or do a listening scavenger hunt.

🍷🍺🍫🥛Wrap up warm and just sit outside and drink a glass of wine, beer (adults only) or a hot chocolate.

🔦 Create your own torch light sword fight.

🕯 If staying inside then maybe play a game by candle light.

Use this time of isolation to sit back and consider how amazing our planet is. If only for an hour.