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Idea 29 – So in a world without toilet roll what is the future?

A reusable wipe maybe! Keeping it clean and light in a world of uncertainty. Increasingly people are swapping to using reusable wipes instead of wet wipes for baby care. Two positives are, in the long run, they are cheaper and environmental so much kinder to the planet if used and washed correctly.

Basically the flannel is back in fashion or should I say ‘slow, eco-friendly fashion’. If you are a child of the 80s, 70s, 60s, 50s or 40s you will most probably have had a flannel. Said flannel was generally used to cover ones eyes to prevent a traumatic shampoo in your eyes hair wash experience. But flannels, like good old fashion soap, works wonders. A very close, wonderful friend of mine carries a wet flannel around in her bag. She keeps it inside a small waterproof bag. That flannel is a superhero of the emergency world. There is nothing that that wet flannel can’t do. Trust me! I try to use reusable wipes instead of wet wipes. Washing is easy. Colour coded wipes can be used for particularly jobs although with a good wash routine that shouldn’t be an issue anyway. Just do your research and if you would like to know more send us a message and I can put you in touch with people in the know. So if you are running low on toilet roll and in need check out reusable wipes. You will never be disappointed by an empty toilet roll isle again!

Keeping it clean and light-hearted in a world of uncertainty! Disclaimer – Just in case anyone doesn’t know reusable wipes, just like wet wipes, can not be flushed.