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Idea 28 – Earth Hour – And it’s free!

On Saturday 28th March 8:30-9:30pm we will be out on Jubilee field celebrating Earth hour. The idea is that the lights (and anything else) are off at home and we get outside for some fresh air and appreciate the magic of the nighttime with some fun activities. Apparently the queen even joins in each year with Earth hour.

To celebrate Bradley Stoke style we will be on the green by the Jubilee centre. There will be star gazing and naming.

  • Night time eco stories by torch light
  • Glow in the dark bowling
  • A fire for toasting marshmallows and creating s’mores
  • Lantern trail Hot chocolate (bring you own reuseable mug) and more.

At first I ruled this out because of bedtime but then thought that my 3 year old would love this adventure with his torch. Plus it’s a Saturday night and i might get a lie in on Sunday … I live in hope anyway!

I will bring a pram/buggy in case either child does decide to sleep but I’m sure both will be intrigued to. Here is a link to get your free ticket. For family fun, environmental awareness or just to be out and appreciating the wonder of the nighttime. Come and join us!

See event details on facebook or on our main page where you can also find the link to book a place 🙂

Working in partnership with Three Brooks Nature Conservation Group. Here is a link to find out more on Earth hour.