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Idea 26 – When a tumble dryer looks so tempting.

On our third very windy weekend I’m thinking about drying laundry. Unfortunately it is not one of those sunny, windy days in which line drying is a breeze (excuse the pun). Nope if I tried to use my washing line today I fear that our clothes would be spread across the 6 neighbouring gardens. My washing pile is never ending, when washing is done it’s a job to get things dry and my house regularly looks like a pantomime dame wishy-washy laundry stage scene. This is the point my tumble dryer looks very temping.

Over the winter months I have been trying to limit my use of a tumble dryer by doing extra spins at the end of a wash, washing rack drying, only washing clothes when needed or so the washing load finishes when I know we will have the heating on anyway. If I do want something tumble dried I have also been drying on a clothes airier then placing a small amount of clothes in the tumble dryer once they are 95% dry. Here is an article about the carbon footprint of a load of washing.