Idea 23 – Eco-anxiety to eco-action

The term eco-anxiety seems to be seeping into my consciousness. Wide media cover on the year 2020 being a make or break year for the slowing down of climate change has most probably fuelled this a little more this week. On reflection I have most probably been feeling some form of climate change anxiety for a while. It was most probably a driver for becoming a part of this group.

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Have a look at this info graphic from Mark. I feel it helps to explain how to feel less anxious and more empowered in a world where so many of the biggest players are not doing enough. I was speaking to my mother-in-law who volunteers in a school in the South East of England. She was telling me about a small child who was worried about the planet. The child explained that the world was on fire and we would all die. 😢 She was just 5 years old. How sad that her view on the world was one of fire and death. Children, sometimes very young children, are picking up on the issue. Talking to little ones about the planet has to be handled with care.

In my humble opinion being honest but hopeful is essential. Reminding children that we are merely custodians; here to look after the planet in our time so that we can pass it onto future generations. Passing on a love of nature and a strong desire not to waste our planet’s precious and limited resources is our responsibility. Being a voice to speak up for the planet and question why things aren’t changing quickly enough is our responsibility. Placing pressure on governments, councils and businesses to do more is our responsibility.

And where does it start with us individually leading by example. Tesco have asked suppliers to remove any unwanted plastic package from tins from March onwards.

Would they have done that without the public putting pressure on them to make changes?

Very unlikely. There is still a lot to be done to reduce plastic use but big firms are listening to this changing public mood. So if you too have a feeling of eco-anxiety and would like to challenge that into some action we are looking for people to contribute one of these idea of the week or to maybe write a series of ideas over a month. If you have some ideas on how to reduce individuals’ carbon footprint and would like to write just 1 of more ideas message me. We would particularly like someone who has some ideas on reducing carbon through diet changes. If that’s you message me with your thoughts.

Or how about making your eco-action a plan to attend the Bradley Stoke Zero Carbon meeting on Sunday 2nd February (2pm-3pm). The group meets in Soho cafe in the leisure centre. We are hoping to plan activities and events for the Spring and it would be great to have more input on what could be done locally.

This week let’s take positive eco-action.