Household waste

Idea 22 – Check it, fix it, don’t throw it

The idea for today changed 10 minutes ago after this happened.

Back in the Autumn we were attempting to clear our garden of leaves. 🌳🍂🍁 I had made two little piles of dry leaves for the resident hedgehog.

The leaf blower wouldn’t work so the rake was called into action (most probably better for the environment anyway 😉). It was only a year old so it really shouldn’t have reached the end of its life. After much debating between my husband and father-in-law (who both openly admit to not being very practical) a fuse was changed but there was still no power. So the leaf blower has been left for 4 months doing nothing.

This morning I got it out ready to take to the Winterbourne Repair Cafe (Today 10:30-12:00). I took a quick look at it and decided to take it apart and put it back together just in case something was missing. You know what happens next…

Yep the leaf blower springs into life after the funnel is attached properly. 🤨

So this week have another look at those broken items around your house.

Can they be saved from landfill?

If you’re not sure head to the Repair Cafe All Saints Winterbourne. All the details in the last post and poster on this page.