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Idea 21 – Swop shops

So how many things did you received for Christmas in 2018 which are still languishing unused somewhere in your house?

What about this year?

Is it time for those items to leave your house and be loved and used by someone else. 🎁🏘💚

This week I know of three events aiming to reduce waste and make the most out of the items you do have.Firstly, TODAY at Little Stoke Community Cafe there is a present swap event. Did you get two of the same gift or did you receive a gift which wasn’t quite right and you know you won’t use. Instead of letting it sit in a cupboard for a couple of weeks, months or possibly years let someone else have it in a present swap and allow it to be used and loved. Head to the cafe between 1:30-3:30 today, take any unwanted presents to swap and enjoy a drink and cake in a great little cafe. Through personal experience I can tell you the cakes are always yummy. Well done to the organiser and to the cafe for seeing this need and doing something to help. Fingers crossed lots of people make this event a success. 🧁🍰🎁🎄

Next up, on the evening of Thursday 16th January the Scrapstore (BS2 9LB, towards the end of the M32)is hosting a clothes swopz shop and eco brick collection point. Head there between 4-7pm to exchange clothes and get some new/preloved items for a new Winter/Spring look. Scrapstore are hoping to host these Reuse Nights every seasons so hopefully there will be more of these type of events to keep you posted on. If you haven’t visited the Scrapstore before it is a real treasure trove and must stop sooooo much going to landfill.

As a side note the Under 5s Make a Mess is worth a visit if you have little ones. Great fun and they do make a mess! 😉🎨

Finally, next Saturday 18th January Winterbourne Environmental Group are hosting a Share and Repair Community Cafe from 10.30am-12.00pm at All Saints Church Hall (BS36 1 BX) . I already have one thing I’m hoping to take along as I’m sure a dodgy plug is repairable I just don’t know where to start. 🧰🔌

If you are a person who is thinking surely she can work out how to sort a plug without a repair cafe you are most probably quite handy and maybe could volunteer to be one of the skilled repairers. Get into touch with the Winterbourne Environmental Group and see if you could volunteer your time to help repair items which otherwise could end up in landfill. The planet will thank you greatly for an hour and a half of your time keeping items in use for longer. 🔧🔨

See the event for more details.

If you can’t make any of the events but still have unwanted children’s toys don’t forget The Entertainer Big Toy Rehoming scheme is running until 31st January. Their shops will take most CE marked toys and donating them to a charity. 🎲⚽️

Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Refill, Repair & Repurpose, Replace, Recycle!