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Idea 20 – One promise to yourself and the planet. 😀🌍💚

A new decade is about to begin. At the start of the last decade I started a new job and moved to Bradley Stoke. At the start of the decade before that I waited on tables and then stayed up dancing to welcome in a new century.

What were you doing a decade or two ago? Climate change wasn’t something I thought much about beyond our Year 9 Geography project on the Amazon. How things have changed in 20 years? But is change fast enough. The climate change is certainly moving fast. Unfortunately Australia is feeling the heat for sure. Hopefully world leaders will listen to the scientists, growing public opinion and by seeing the impact use COP26, later this year, to make really change and commitments on slowing climate change.

Short of one of us becoming a world leader in the next 12months what can we do on a personal level to help. Here is one of Lorna’s ideas on using a carbon calculator to choose a green resolution for 2020.

Can you make a New Year’s resolutions a commitment to reducing your carbon footprint? Try using an online carbon footprint calculator to give you an idea on where to start. Or read back through the ideas and see which ones are doable for you. I tried these two calculators but there are plenty out there.

And while you decide…
A bit about Christmas Clearance🎅 🔰🌳:

Marks and Spencer’s will recycle Christmas cards. For every 1000 cards they recycle they will make a donation to the Woodland Trust to plant trees.🚗

🗑 ♻️✅Some people are tempted to do tip runs at this time of year. If not you, a friend or relative might need a little encouragement to avoid the tip and instead donate to a local charity shops, sell online or give to the homeless. Any other Christmas clearance top tips message or post away.

Happy Greener Planet this New Year!