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Idea 19 – Wishing Everyone A Cracking Christmas

You guessed it. I’m talking crackers. Personally, I love a cracker with a set of counters and 🎲. This is one thing my house never has enough of. However most of the things that spring from crackers have a useful lifetime of minutes and will often wind up at the bottom of a drawer or toy box and then the bin.

So can we improve on our crackers this year. If time is short, head to the shops as retailers start to catch on and listen to public opinion turning against a throw away culture. Dunelm sold out of their plastic free crackers very quickly so you may have to hurry as they are popular.

Cracker Craft! Thanks to Jenny James for flagging the cracker worshop. If you weren’t able to attend but were still in a make rather than buy mood (or you just want to avoid the shops) here are some links to make your own. I found this website where you can get pre-made reusable cracker but just as easy to make your own if needed. They are also a British company.

I personally love the idea of making cracker craft a game this Christmas. Maybe a Christmas Eve or pre-Christmas lunch activity to keep the big and little kids busy .Show a the short cracker assembly videos then ask each person to select a name. It is then that person’s responsibility to create a hat, joke, quiz question, charades and a small home made gift (gifts could be something useful, something to eat or something fun) for that person. Bangs/snaps to go in the crackers can be bought. If you want to improvise though just shout bang (or other family agreed upon sound effects for comedy value) as the cracker pulls apart.

Last week a facebook group member mentioned a vegan Christmas lunch. He is right the tips/leaflet haven’t been focused much on food this Christmas, so if you are planning any food swaps to vegetarian or vegans alternatives send us a picture or let’s hear about the swaps you have made. Hopefully we can get some more food based tips in the new year. Any ideas that could be tips please get in touch.

As Christmas is just 3 sleeps away this year, I am a little more aware of my personal environmental impact and I’ve made some small changes.

Am I at net zero?! Nowhere near close I’m afraid. My carbon soaked life is unfortunately not proving to be a quick change but I’m trying and the people around me are trying too. As I enter this Christmas period a little more aware than the last one hopefully my impact has reduced.

Will my children enjoy Christmas any less?! Unlikely. They are very lucky to be surrounded by love, family and friends. Oh and a mum who is trying to save the planet one cracker at a time. Or at least she is trying!

🤷‍♀️Merry Christmas everyone. Thanks for reading now go and enjoy yourselves.🎅🥳🥂 🎄 💚🌍