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Idea 18 – Lighting the way

I have just had a reread of our Eco-Christmas leaflet to see how I was doing.
Here is my tick list
🎁 Buy less ✔️
🎁 Buy second hand ✔️
🎁 Buy local ✔️
🎁 Attending local school/craft fairs✔️
🎁 Donating items to charities (baby bank)✔️
🎁 Be mindful of waste ✔️ More on purchasing reusable wrapping later

🎄💡 But one thing I haven’t done is put my Christmas lights on a timer. 💡🎄
I bought a plug timer last Christmas but haven’t used it. My mission for today is to attach the timer to the Christmas lights. This is a 10 second job (once I find the timer which will most probably take an hour) that will save a couple of hours of wasted electricity each day.

On Thursday I also went shopping BUT it was local and hand made.
Thanks to Fiona Dawson’s recommendation I visit stitchedbyDonna Etsy page. Following a quick email exchanged I realised Donna was a Bradley Stoke resident and asked for a quick viewing of the reusable wrapping paper to judge how much I would need. I was invited over and I now own 4 pieces of reusable material wrapping fabric. I have already used one piece for a friend’s present. It looked beautiful and the friend kindly return the wrapping paper so I can reuse it for Christmas presents.

Also I want to thank Holy Trinity Primary School for including a screen shot of the Eco-Christmas leaflet in their newsletter Trinity Times this month. If you work in a school or have children attending one maybe ask the headteacher if its possible to include the info in the last newsletter of 2019 to spread the planet friendly Christmas ideas.

🎄11 sleeps until Christmas 🎄
I need to keep trying to avoid panic buying in this house for 11 more days. 💆‍♀️