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Idea 17 – It’s a wrap! Election and wrapping paper

Five days until elections.I’m starting this week with an interview between John Snow and Sir David Attenborough. It has made me reflect on how my thinking about this general election is different to previous ones because of climate change. I am also wondering how government will be forced to change to work harder on the climate agenda to slow climate change.

Lots of links today but hopefully it will help in decision making for next Thursday. Have a look at this climate action toolkits as it explains what can be done in the lead up to the election. It even come up with our little group for this area.

Some members of our group attended the local election hustings and the climate and ecological debate during the last two weeks. They were able to pose three questions with an environmental focus.Here is a link to the Bradley Stoke Journal on the election. At the bottom of the linked page it gives the option to listen to the Willowbrook debate. One of our members posed a question on the climate at 1:21 (28minutes from the end). It was interesting to hear what our local candidates have to say about the environment and what they personally are doing to reduce their individual carbon footprint.

If the environmental emergency is something you feel passionate about have a read about what each of the parties have planned in their manifestos.🧐

I wonder what the political scene will look like this time next week? 🧐

Regardless of politics, Christmas will still be on it’s way so I want to keep the eco-Christmas ideas coming and this week I am thinking wrapping paper. 🎁🌲🎁🌲🎁I have used some wrapping paper facts from the Wragwrap website which is linked below. Forgive me as I haven’t fact checked them all (#notthedayjob).

But to give you an idea.

*Recycling wrapping paper is problematic in a number of ways. Fibres found in cheaper types of paper are not strong enough to recycle. Wrapping paper is often dyed and laminated and can also contain non-paper additives such as gold and silver colouring, glitter and plastics. And to compound all this, it often has sticky tape still attached to it. Landfill or incineration are all too often the only options.

*In the UK, we send 5 million tonnes of paper to landfill every year.

*Each year, a forest the size of Wales is required to provide all the paper used in Britain.

For a birthday present recently I used one of my son’s colouring pictures. He loved it and it made sense to take the pictures out of the book and use them. I will pop a picture of it in the comments. Here are some links to alternatives wrapping paper and tape ideas.

I have also used the local ‘curly dog craft’ for a stocking present. For £4 we now have a reusable sandwich wrap.

If anyone has any other ideas for different ways of wrapping get posting on the wall or in the comments below.