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Idea 16 – Christmas Card Alternative

Scarily 1 billion Christmas Cards end up in the bin each year. This is despite the fact that most can be recycled. That is a lot of trees being cut down for approximately 30 days worth of use as a card.

The number of Christmas cards I send goes down every year. I don’t buy cards with glitter as I know they can’t be recycled. I also use last years cards as gift cards on presents. But when it comes to sending cards every year I repeat the same pattern. This pattern involves meaning to buy and write cards in November and send in early December.

And every year I follow the same pattern buy cards 2 weeks into December, not get time to write them, apologies to everyone who gives me a card saying I haven’t got round to writing my cards yet . Finally get around to writing and sending the bare minimum a few days before Christmas.

Such stress and is it helping the planet or anyone when cards will ultimately end up in recycling or landfill.

My sister hasn’t been sending cards for years. Instead, she donates to a charity and pops a Merry Christmas on social media. This year she is sponsoring a roof tile for the Curzon theatre (Clevedon) as an alternative to Christmas cards. Another friend is donating a bag of toiletries to The Hygiene Bank instead of cards.

I was trying to think of other alternatives to Christmas card and was thinking particularly about the cards I usually send to the neighbours. I wonder whether making a cake and giving a couple of pieces to the neighbours instead. Showing a little bit of neighbourly love and hopefully something that will get used (eaten). Here is a Vegan Chocolate Tiffin recipe. I have not made it yet but will give it a go and see.

How else could I send Christmas Greetings?

Answers on a post card…

NO wait that defeats the whole post!  😊