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Idea 15 – Does it have to be brand new?


This week I am starting to think of the 4 gift rule when getting presents for my children. The 4 gift rule involved getting something they want, need, wear and read.

Now when they ‘want’ 5 out of 7 things that have been advertised during the break of Fireman Sam 🚒 pinning down what they actually ‘want’ can take a little bit of time. Especially as I know most of those things will lose their interest after 10 minutes of play. I find it much more useful to see what they like playing with when we visit other people’s houses. Based on our two most recent trip to a friend’s house I think a marble run would be a good call. However buying yet more plastic and bringing it into my already sadly plastic filled house doesn’t fill me with Christmas joy so I’m going to be searching selling sites and Christmas fairs for some instead. I am also wondering about creating my own cardboard tube marble run so if any one has any long wrapping paper cardboard tubes that are heading for recycling let me know as I think it could be a great DIY project making a marble run.

Last year’s main present was a Second Hand paw patrol tower. Amazon were and still are selling them for £147.99 and I was not willing to pay that much for a tower of plastic. So after a bit of time searching gumtree I found one for £40. My husband enjoyed a mini drive to Horfield and then helping a fellow parent sneak it past her children out of her house in two black bin bags but it was worth it. I save money, bought a toy which looked brand new and most probably only drove an extra three minutes more than a trip to Cribbs. I also bought all the remaining figures and vehicles for the price of one vehicle second hand. It did take a bit of searching and I was trying not to drive too far. I can confirm that the tower has been well loved over the last 12 months and continues to take up floor space in my house.

🧸 Christmas Fairs 🧸

Lots of local Christmas fairs happening this week with Bowsland Primary, Little Stoke Cafe and Winterbourne School fairs today. Please see last weeks post for more details on local fairs if you fancy visiting.

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Tree planting

I also want to flag up a recent post about tree planting next Saturday. Details contained in the link below. I helped plant two tree last Monday at a forest school but every tree help so if you can spare some time follow the link for details. 👇

Maybe take someone tree planting as their Christmas present this year.