Idea 12 – Planet Friendly Christmas

Christmas is the time for family (and waste). My lovely mother’s for one will cater for 14 instead of 4 every year despite trying to buy less food each year.

During Sunday’s meeting we started thinking about things that can be done to reduce our collective carbon footprint as we start to enter the festive season.

So at the start of November we are asking you to consider how you can go about presents, meals and shopping with the planet in mind whilst still have a great time.

This year my child didn’t write a Christmas list of toys he wanted. Instead we wrote down the name of key people in his life and he thought of one thing he would like to do with each person. He thought of a trip to the zoo, having a ride on his grandpi’s tractor, making something with nanny, riding on a train with granddad and visiting the duck pond with his grandma. By changing the question to what would you like to do with…. he came up with this lovely list. His grandparents loved the list as it also reflected what he had liked doing with them in the past and some new things he wanted to do with them in the future.

We will be coming up with a tip each week which will hopefully get you planning for the festive season in a slightly different way. For example we will be sharing information on local Christmas fairs at local schools, charities or sports clubs.

If you have any ideas (like Tracy’s idea on the paper tape) share away or message me and we will get sharing.