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Idea 10 – The pen(cil) is mightier than the sword. ✏️

This is the 10th week of ideas and I thought I would do a quick recap and a small tip for this week. I am still working through the suggestions that were initially shared but if you have an idea please let me know so I can share it with this group in future weeks.

I do wonder if these ideas help and if anyone else is joining me in trying them out.

Is it making a difference? Personally I live in hope that it does make a difference but I do get a little deflated every time I relent and use the car or see how much time I spend on a screen.

I felt more positive after Monday’s Panorama programme as it showed how one family could reduce their carbon footprint. If you didn’t watch it in summary the family, with expert help, reduced their estimated annual carbon footprint by a third. The family featured had an estimated carbon footprint of 45 tonnes for a year . Which interestingly was below the average UK family which was 52 tonnes. By the end of their two weeks the family managed to cut a third and if they had carried on for a year they would have reduced their carbon footprint by an estimated 13 tonnes. Energy, transports and dietary changes led to the biggest reduction.

Following the programme I am now investigating ground source heating costs, new recipes and moving away from gas central heating. My husband loves getting these random messages following me watching such programmes and getting a new idea! My old energy company also emailed me about leasing an electric car this week. They must have sensed I was about to leave!

I’m going to do a food focus for the next few weeks so any thing food related please comment, share info or message me so I can share the knowledge. Also tree planting seasons and week is coming towards the end of November so hopefully we can share some ideas around that soon.

The First 10

Idea 1 – Take 5 – Plastic rubbish collection 🗑

Idea 2 – Help starts with small things. Seeds, bees and birds. 🐦 🐝

Idea 3 – Second Hand September jeans 👖👔

Idea 4 – Just one less drive 🚙 🚲

Idea 5 – Shoes the day 👟👠🥾

Idea 6 – A ripple effect 🌍

Idea 7 – Make do and mend thread 🧵

Idea 8 – A little less single us plastic 🍶🥛

Idea 9 – Green Energy Supplier 💨 ☀️ 🌊

And for this week how about swapping pens for pencils.

Idea 10 – The pen(cil) is mightier than the sword. Buy pencils instead of pens 🖊 ✏️

Just think how many used pens must get thrown away each week.

Where possible try to buy pencils or colouring pencils instead of plastic pens and felt tip pens. It’s a quick win for reducing small items of plastic in our environment.

Once your old single use pens run out maybe donate to the Bic and Crayola terracycle scheme.

Writing with a sharp pencil feels familiar and natural. It brings back happy memories of writing on the first page of a new exercise book for me.

Take some time to draw or write in pencil this week. It’s can feel very cathartic.