Heat and energy

Idea 9 – Green Energy Suppliers

To date most of my ideas have involved having to spend a little more money to help out our planet. Today’s idea will hopefully save some money. Swapping to a green supplier is apparently the third most significant life style change you can make to help the planet.

No. 1 is following a plant based diet and No. 2 is swapping your car for a bike.Have you considered swapping to a green energy supplier? That is my job for this week.

On an initial search I could save around £100 with a company that has 100% renewable electricity and 100% carbon off set gas. It is only meant to take 10minutes so hopefully that is doable for me. 🤔Yes this is how I will spend my Saturday evening now I’m in my 30s! 🥳The Centre for Sustainable Energy based in Bristol has lots of advice and facts sheets to help here. This factsheet provides a list of website for checking a range of suppliers. I then click green plan in the filter column at the side.

The Centre for Sustainable Energy also helps people on low incomes, those receiving pension credit or with medical conditions to get even better rates. The fact sheet explain that those on a low income or if they live with someone who is vulnerable they maybe eligible for a £140 warm home discount. Each supplier has different criteria so if you’re not eligible with the current one it’s more of a reason to shop about.

Lots of companies are catching on to the fact that more people want to get their energy from renewable sources so it’s worth checking to see if they are truly planet friendly. Click view plan details and it should reveal a % level for gas and electricity.

A word of warning some companies are not doing as well with gas so check whether they are offering green gas or carbon off setting their gas instead.If you are renting remember you are also allowed to change supplier as the bill is in your name.It might also be worth a quick look around the house to see how you could save energy. Again their are videos to help out.

As the colder and wetter weather sets in lets make October the month to switch so when a woolly jumper isn’t enough and the heating does go on we are doing something to have less impact.Getting energy from the☀️💨and 🌊.