Food and food waste

Idea 8 – A little less single use plastic

As posted earlier this week by Lorna, Sainsbury’s are removing single use plastic bags from their fruit and veg isles. Instead customers have the option of buying reusable produce bags made from recycled bottles. My first thought was why didn’t they offer paper bags but then I remembered paper bags have pros and cons too. Have a read of this article about the start to finish production of different bags and their environmental impact.

I have been trying to avoid these single use bags for a while but the thing that filled up my plastic recycling week in week out was plastic milk bottles. It was depressing and there is only so many times you can reuse a milk container to make an Elmer elephant. 🥛 🐘

So a couple of years ago we started getting milk from a old school milk delivery service. As far as I have found out Bradley Stoke has two delivery services. -Delivery Wednesday and Saturdays

Milk and More -Delivery Monday, Wednesday and Friday

Or the third option is to take a visit with your own containers to Old Green Farm Diary. Just 10 minutes from Bradley Stoke you will find a milk vending machine at a local dairy farm in Alveston.

Since swapping to glass bottles our plastic bin is rarely full. It is also a great relief when you know there is milk on the way in the morning to guarantee your morning cuppa. Milk delivery can be plastic or glass but unfortunately receiving glass bottle does put the cost up I’m afraid.

Thank you Mr Attenborough and the Blue Planet ll team for bringing the plastic plight to the world’s attention.