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Idea 6 – A ripple effect

This week I want to start by sharing this BBC environment article by Justin Rowlatt; which I think sums up beautifully the effects we as individuals can have.

Climate change action: We can’t all be Greta, but your choices have a ripple effect.

This group was started by one person with one idea and now has over 100 members. Many of whom are making one small change to lessen their personal carbon footprint and hopefully telling one other person what they are up to.

On Thursday evening we worked on setting up a constitution and outlining the aims for our new group. I for one left that meeting feeling like I was doing my bit and helping other to join us in the ripple effect.

So I’m continuing the clothes theme this week as we continue through Second Hand September and using some info I received from Oxfam.

Did you know…

👔Just one new shirt creates more emissions than driving a car for 35 miles.

👖👕Between 10,000 and 20,000 litres of water is needed to make just one new pair of jeans and one t-shirt.

👗Donating/buying one dress with Oxfam could raise enough money to buy drought resistant seeds for a family to adapt in a changing climate.

🗑The astonishing fact that 11 million items of clothing goes to landfill every week.

So what else can we do this month to avoid buying new clothes and trying to embrace preloved clothes for our planet?

👚👔👖Have a sort out. Purge those wardrobes and ask yourself🤔

‘Do I love this item?’ If you have seen Marie Kondo’s show on organisation you will know what I mean. A local charity shop benefitted from 4 bin bags of clothes following a binge watch of her show in January.

Let’s support our two local charity shops by donating and buying items. Maybe head into a charity shop before you go into your usual shops of habit. You never know what you might find and you’re also stopping clothes going to landfill by donating.

🏩St. Peter’s Hospice shop in Bailey Court – BS328EJ

Open Monday to Saturday 9 till 5.

👗🎩This link tells you more about the shops. It also mentions more specialist services like the St. Peter’s Vintage Clothes Room and their free Furniture collection service.

🏩South West Children’s Hospice in the Willow Brook Centre – Open Monday to Saturday 9 – 5 and Sunday 10-4.

Or have a look at these charities that work with homeless people in Bristol and the surrounding area. Both Facebook pages have a list of things they are in need of. Maybe donate unwanted coats, gloves and scarves to a Help Homeless Bristol or Blonde Angel Street Team.

Make a ripple this week.