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Idea 5 – Seize the day… or in today case… ‘Shoes the day’


On this beautiful Saturday morning in Bradley Stoke I want to get you thinking about shoes… Yep shoes!How many pairs of shoes sit unused in your wardrobes, in the box by the door or thrown into a shoe cupboard?I bet you have at least one pair of shoes that get in the way as you try to get to your vacuum cleaner.One shoe that gets stuck in the cupboard door as you try to close it.Or the pair that get thrown across the room as someone is trying to find a missing trainer.If you have growing children you most probably have a bag of shoes which no longer fit little feet.Have a look at these links to see if you could donate to any of these charities.

Sal’s shoes– Donate your preloved children’s shoes to barefoot children around the world.

Shoe Share Clarke and UNICEF: Did you know that Clarke shoe shop accept unwanted and old adults and children’s shoes. They use the shoes to raise money and work with UNICEF to provide educational resources for schools around the world. Our closest Clarke’s shop is in Cribbs if you have any shoes to donate.

Mama’s Swaps and Freebies Bristol: This Facebook group are doing great work to save waste and help others. It allows you to post items which are still useable so others can collect locally for free.

St.Peter’s Hospice or South West Children’s Hospice Shops: If you have a pair of shoes that could go on to be bought and loved by another then head to one of our two local charity shops in Bradley Stoke.

So take 20 minutes at some point this week to take back control of your shoe collection. Reclaim control of your shoe box, under stairs cupboard or the bottom of the wardrobe and send your shoes to someone who can put them to good use.Trust me it makes shutting the cupboard door so much easier. 😉