Idea 2 – Help starts with small things. Seeds, bees and birds.

So I have struggled a bit for a suitable idea this week.Primarily, my difficulty has come from watching media coverage of the wildfire in the Amazon and reading about mass bee deaths in various places around the world. Trying to think of something against this rather depressing picture of wildlife and biodiversity loss has been hard. The trees in the Amazon contains 140 billion tons of carbon. That’s the equivalent of what humans produce in 100 years. 🌳🔥😢

But then on Thursday something small happened as I was walking alongside the wildflowers on Brook Way. There was a South Gloucestershire council worker cutting the seed pods off the wildflowers. Of course I had to ask what he was up to and he explained that the council collects as many wildflower seeds to replant larger areas next year and to save money. He had 7 buckets of various seed pods in his truck. He offered me 7 pods and I now have about 100 seeds. He encouraged me to tell my friends about wild flowers. Little did he know that I have 126 friends in this group who I would be sharing this with.I really should have got his name so I could stop using the pronoun he in every sentence. I could also then say a little thank you for the idea.This week how about you do one small thing to help bees and birds.

🐦Whether it is putting out bird seed or making a bird cake.

🐝 Making a bee house.

🐝Buying a jar of local honey.

🐝Explaining to someone that Honeybees are vegetarian. Wasps are carnivorous.If a bee sting you it will die. A bees stinger is barbed and therefore stays in the skin as it flies away. Essentially it loses the bottom part of its body and will then fly away and perish. Teach others that the best thing to do if a bee appears is stay very still and calm.

🐝 Save bees by avoiding using pesticides.

🐝 Bees get thirsty. If you have a bird bath or you would like to make a bee friendly one place a few small stones in a small container so the bees can land and drink.

🐝Give bees shelter by letting the grass grow a little.When you do mow raise the notches on the mower to cut less closely. It will help give pollinators places to feed and shelter among the grass.

🌺 Plant some wildflower seeds now or get some ready to plant in the Spring.S

SAFETY WARNING ⚠️- check what you are collecting/planting as some wildflower seeds can be poisonous. If ingested some seeds can kill.This is particularly important if you have children helping with the planting whom may be tempted to eat or smell seeds and not realise the dangers.

🌿For the gardeners among us.

So while large areas of the Amazon burn and countless species are lost I’m going to do one small thing to strengthen the biodiversity of our UK’s native species.We won’t last long without bees.