Food and food waste,  Nature

Idea 1 – Take 5

So for the first idea of the week we are going to start with an environmental one. The ‘take 3 campaign’ started by asking people to pick up and remove 3 pieces of plastic when visiting a beach.

How about we do a local ‘take 5’ in Bradley Stoke this week? When you are out and about could you collect 5 pieces of rubbish and pop it in a bin or take it home for recycling. We are very lucky to have lots of greenery in our local area. Can we help our local area look even better?

If just 10 people in this group did this Bradley Stoke would stop 50 pieces of rubbish entering drains and waterways, prevent wildlife getting caught or eating rubbish thinking its food.

Stay Safe – You don’t have to pick up every bit of rubbish you see as it is important to think of your own safety. It might be worth having a pair of gloves or a litter picker to be on the safe side. If you have little ones who want to help too they could use gloves and a clothes peg as a mini litter picker.

Once you remove 5 bits of rubbish maybe comment with a high five 🤚by next Saturday.
Fingers crossed 🤞 my 3 year old and I will not be the only ones giving this a go this week.